About Stephen

Stephen Simpson is the author of several horror books. His stories are dark, scary, creepy, and sometimes gory.

He was born in March in South Africa, but also lived in Namibia, Republic of Ireland, and currently lives in Northern Ireland with his family, the ghost of Alvin the chatty cat, an African Chiclid named Sebastian, and a Chinchilla, named Dusty.

Stephen Simpson is a pen name of Lynette Ferreira.

At the end of 2019, Lynette created Fiction for the Soul (an imprint) and decided to separate her teen horror books from her teen sweet romance fiction and teen fantasy stories because she thought readers who like reading about falling in love, surely would not be interested in reading her horror with gasp! ending books. If they were all written by the same author name, it could become confusing. Is it romance? Is it creepy horror? Maybe a bit of both?

She chose the name Stephen Simpson, because her dad's second name was Stephen and her mum's maiden name was Simpson. She wanted her new pen name to still be a part of her, and not a random name she plucked from the sky. In hindsight, she should have done a Google search as well to see if there are any other authors by the name of Stephen Simpson...

The author photo Lynette chose for Stephen Simpson is a photo of her taken on her 16th birthday during a time when she was called (more often than not) a Tomboy because she refused to wear dresses, always wore her hair cut short or cropped, and exhibited behaviors considered typical of a boy. So, she decided the Lynette she was then would be the perfect representation of Stephen.

Stephen's books are published by Fiction for the Soul.