Stephen Simpson is the author of several horror books.  His stories are dark, scary, creepy, and sometimes gory. 



April 2024
Stephen Simpson Books

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April 2024

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March 2024

Readers can access all my books for free through their local library by simply requesting them. 

Most libraries offer a wide range of titles to borrow, including digital copies for e-readers or physical copies for traditional reading. 

By utilizing your library card, you can explore my books without any financial commitment, fostering accessibility of literature for all. 

Additionally, libraries often have interlibrary loan systems, ensuring that even if a specific branch doesn't carry your book, it can still be obtained from another library within the network. 

February 2024

Mark of the Beast (Book One of the Triple Six series) is a gripping tale of faith, survival, and the battle between good and evil.

Listen to the full, unabridged story for free HERE